When Is Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 Celebrated?


When Is Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 Celebrated?

Hello everyone, are you want to know about the Happy Rakhsha Bandhan 2016. This article will give the detailed information about Happy Rakhsha Bandhan 2016 / Rakhi Purnima. So excited!!!!!!!!!! Then come let’s have a look.


Rakhi Purnima is also known as Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 or Rakhri or simply Rakhi in the many places in India. This festival is celebrated in Nepal and they called as Janaeu Purnima.

On which day Rakhi Purnima/ Happy Rakhsha Bandhan 2016 celebrate:

Raksha Bandhan is one of the several festivals which come on full moon day of Shravan Masam. This festival is the Hindu festival and also the secure festival that celebrates love and duty in between the sisters and brothers. This festival is popularly used to celebrate with any brother sister relationship between the men and women who are the relatives or else biologically unrelated.

Meaning of Rakhi Purnima / Happy Rakhsha Bandhan 2016

The Rakhi derives the name Raksha means Protection” and Bandhan means the “Bond”. This festival will increase the love and strengthen the most beautiful relationship of the brother and sister. This festival signifies the respect and love of the sister and also the care and protection of brother. 


Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 Celebrations

Here's The Significance of Happy Rakhsha Bandhan 2016:

Before the festival of Raksha Bandhan Celebrations let us know about the significance. This festival will celebrate by the sacred thread called Rakhi that made of cotton or silk. That one will be tied around the wrist of the brother. This Rakhi has the power to protect the brother from all the evil or the bad things and also blessed him and give the power to win all against all the odds. The brother will give the promise to his sister that he can protect and secure from all the bad or harmful things from society. And also he supports her in every situation and always with her.

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 Celebrations around the Country:

Celebrations Of Happy Raksha bandhan 2016 In Himachal Pradesh, Kumaon

In Kumaon Uttarakhand men change their Janeu or Sacred thread on the day of Rakhi Purnima.

How People Celebrate Happy Raksha bandhan 2016 In West Bengal?

In this area this festival Rakhi Purnima is also called as Jhulan Purnima. They offer to prayers to goddesses Radha and Lord Krishna and sisters tie the Rakhi for their brother’s hand by following the rituals.

Happy raksha bandhan 2016 festive Celebrations in Nepal

In this area this festival called as Janaeu Purnima. They enjoy this festival by sharing the sweets and gifts and also the sacred thread for their brothers.

How Hindu Community In Pakistan Celebrate Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016?

Hindu community of Pakistan will celebrate the festival of Rakhi Purnima. They also follow the same rituals for celebrating the festival with full of joy and fun.
Now a day the Rakhi has the thread of cotton or silk or sometimes it is the precious jewellery like silver or gold bracelet. And also much kind of rakhis will available in the market such as cartoon Rakhis for the children, beautiful bigger Rakhis for the people who is young and Rakhi threads for the older people. You can choose the Rakhi and celebrate this Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 festival.

If in case you are not near to your brothers for this Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016. No worries you can send the Happy Raksha Bandhan Cards from the post or else you send the Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes Messages or Raksha Bandhan SMS through the mails or messages.

This is all about Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 festival. You want to know more about this festival stay tuned the Rakhi in India article. I hope you have a great time with the article. 

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