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Raksha Bandhan
Rakhi is one of the most famous festivals of India. It is celebrated to all over India but the way of celebrations vary from one region to other. Rakhi festival will be celebrating the beautiful bond of love between brothers and sisters.
The festival is celebrated by the tying of a Rakhi a colorful and decorated bond by a sister on her brother’s wrist and buying beautiful gifts in this Rakhi season.


Rakhi celebrations
Rakhi celebration is the sister and brother get together, tie the Rakhi on the wrist to perform Aarti and mark as Tilak, brother promises to protect sister. Brother gives a gift, hugs, honoring relationships of siblings.

Rakhi celebration
The festival of Raksha Bandhan heralds the message of brotherhood and society as on this day sister ties a Rakhi threads on the wrist of her brother and he in returns promise to protect her from all troubles. Signifying sister’s unconditional love and care to her brother. The Rakhi celebration that holds the more importance in the Hindu family structure


Ravindra Nath Tagore started gathering of people like Rakhi Mahotsavam in shantiniketan to propagate the feeling of brotherhood among people. He believed that they will be invoking trust and feeling of peaceful coexistence.
Raksha Bandhan is a way to blend with the relationship of humanity. The traditional that will continue as the people started tying rakhis to the neighbor and friends.
Different Types of Rakhi
Ø  Gold and silver coated Rakhi – In which Rakhi are prepared by using the coating of the precious metals like silver and gold coated then they are automatically given a royal look. These metals are also used in the dissimilar shapes like flowers, Indian gods and goddess and beads are preparing.

Ø  Mouli – A special kind of thread is used in Hindu dharma rituals for lying onto the wrists of the celebrity of any Hindu rites as an auspicious symbol. These threads are known as Kavala.

Ø  Beads Rakhi – The Rakhi that has beads of embedded into their silk threads on top of the Rakhi base in between the Rakhi thread are put into this category such as unique tribal appearance.

Ø  Musical Rakhi – Musical Rakhis are those which are played special kind of music when touched. These consist of sensors which gets active and play melodious music. These are also a craze amongst children.

Ø  Cartoon Rakhi – The cartoon characters are prominent designs over the thread. These characters are generally popular cartoons such as Micky mouse, Donald duck, Mogli, Casper, and more popular characters among the children these types of rakhis are meant for kids.

Image of Cartoon Rakhi

Ø  Floral Rakhi – This type of rakhis which have a touch of ancientness. These rakhis give a complete traditional look. Use of these different colorful small and big flowers makes like rakhis extremely beautiful. These rakhis are naturally filled with sweet fragrance.

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